The best time to replace your heating system

In the spring and summer, your boiler or furnace gets to take a break and so does your wallet. But come fall, and your boiler or furnace will have to be ready to do its thing again, likely with the same kind of fuel bills in your mailbox. You may not think so, but the spring and summer are the best months to consider replacing your heating system with a newer, high efficiency unit.

Consider switching to natural gas. Here’s why:

One of the most cost effective changes you can make with your heating system is converting to natural gas, if it’s available in your neighborhood.  There are many advantages to converting to natural gas.

  • First and foremost you will not run out of natural gas in the middle of winter, and hope the fuel truck can get to your home just before a heavy snow storm.
  • Secondly, natural gas burns cleaner than oil. That means you do not have to have your heating system extensively serviced before the start of the next heating season.
  • Lastly, you eliminate the odor of fuel oil around your heating system and likely the area of your home where the heating system is.

Natural gas isn’t available in your area? You still have options.

Even if natural gas is not available in your neighborhood, you can save a lot of money on next winter’s fuel bill by installing a modern high efficiency heating unit. In recent years, strides have been made to make heating systems as efficient as possible. Even heat pump systems have become more efficient with the use of geothermal wells which help keep the system operating at peak efficiency.

So why should you look into this now?

  • In the heat of summer, it’s easy to forget the pain of winter heating costs and rising fuel bills. But by starting to look at replacing your heating system now, you can investigate all your options before you make a decision. Keep in mind not all heating systems are equal when it comes to efficiency – you need to take your time and shop around. Another reason to start now is many heating system installers are looking for work during the spring and summer. You may be able to get a deal on a system and installation package that you would not get in the fall, let alone in the dead of winter.
  • Considering going with a geothermal heat pump system? Soft ground in the spring and summer makes for easy installation of the wells and necessary piping.
  • If you act now you can get to know your new system before Mother Nature decides it’s time for Jack Frost to come our way again. In the unlikely event a problem is found, it can be repaired before you really need to have the system working 100%.

Be sure not to overlook the Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency when an energy efficient appliance is bought for your primary home, and other local credits that might be available.

So, what do you think?  Saving energy and money for years to come; staying warm during the coming dark days of future winters; taking the time to compare your options and make the right choice. I think it’s a win, win, win!  Don’t you?


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Edward J. Paprocki

Principal Engineer in Hartford Steam Boiler’s Engineering Group, with over 32 years of experience in equipment maintenance.



  • The use of natural gas sounds like a great idea because of its many advantages; as what has been stated in your post. Natural gas seems very efficient and for that reason, one gets to save more money in the event that its being continuously used for months. Nowadays though, replacing the heating system with a newer and a more efficient unit has become the trend because of the many benefits a household gets; adding to the fact that this kind of unit allows homeowners to have lower energy bills in the long run.

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  • You are right, in the middle of the hot summer, the last thing on my mind is if my heating system is functioning properly. You are right, it’s important to keep up on things like that, so you don’t get stuck in the dead of winter with no heater. I like your idea of getting a geothermal heat pump system. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about it nearly as often.

  • You are right, in the midst of summer, the last thing on my mind is my home’s heating system. It’s smart to think about how efficient your unit is, and consider replacing it if there is a better option. That way, when winter does come, you don’t have to stress about rising gas bills.

  • Before winter season best time otherwise, during winter season heating engineer is available for replacing I have to adapt this process for replacing of the heating system.

  • I’ve been planning to replace my heater with a new one, that’s why I’m currently looking for an HVAC contractor. I guess you’re right that it’ll be best to replace it during the summer season, primarily because we won’t be needing the heater under the blazing heat. Also, I agree with you that summer will be the perfect time to have geothermal installed since the ground is softer during this season.

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