Simple steps for small business owners to save money on air conditioning

Summer heat and humidity require high-cost, energy-draining air conditioning. Small business owners can reduce energy costs and prevent system failures by performing simple seasonal maintenance on their own, and having a qualified technician service the system yearly.

What you can do by yourself

Here are easy things small business owners can do on their own to save money on air conditioning:

  1. Before the thermostat is turned to cooling mode, make sure the system is powered up for at least 8 hours to protect the compressor.
  2. Make sure the area around the unit is free of debris.
  3. Replace filters every three months. Clean filters reduce fan pressure, requiring less energy.
  4. Leave the thermostat’s fan switch on “auto,” so the fan runs only when the compressor runs.
  5. Use a programmable thermostat set seven to 10 degrees higher during off-hours to save about 10% in cooling costs a year.
  6. Draw shades to minimize the amount of hot sunlight entering the room.
  7. Use zone thermostats to shut off ducts to areas that aren’t being used.
  8. Use efficient lighting systems that don’t emit excessive heat.
  9. Ceiling fans can reduce the need for AC, resulting in a potential 15 percent savings.

The value of an annual inspection

An annual inspection by a licensed technician can further reduce your risk of lost business, repair and energy costs. A technician will:

  1. Check electrical connections for looseness, and signs of moisture, damage or corrosion.
  2. Recommend a power protection device to protect the unit from brownouts, power surges or lightning.
  3. Check lubricating oil in the compressor’s crankcase heater.
  4. Check that the condenser is clean and surrounding area is free of vegetation, trash and stored materials. A dirty unit can increase power consumption by 10%.
  5. Keep surfaces of the cooling coils clean with filters.
  6. Check for proper refrigerant levels.

For more information on how small business owners can save money on air conditioning with simple maintenance practices, read this and this!


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  • You know, I never considered the effect my lights would have on the heat of my home. It makes total sense though. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has burned themselves trying to unscrew a light bulb. Thanks for the link to the video on what kinds of efficient lighting is best to use.

  • I would think the most important tip of these would be the programmable thermostat. Because you’re just wasting energy/money if you close up business for the day and leave the temperature high over night till you return or even if it’s over an entire weekend.

    They do have wifi thermostats that you can use. If you leave for the day and forget to change the thermostat you can use an app on your smart phone to adjust the temperature from anywhere. Really neat

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