20 preparedness resources from HSB

September is National Preparedness Month. To Hartford Steam Boiler, preparedness is about planning ahead to help protect people, property and equipment from real risks that could occur with little or no warning.

That means lowering the exposures themselves with preventative measures, but also taking action to insure that if a disaster does happen, there is less impact on human life, equipment and business.

HSB has been publishing materials on preparing for and preventing loss for 150 years. The following is a list of our most useful current resources.


1.   Flood risk: Protecting your assets from high water.
2.   Flood recovery action steps: Equipment protection.


3.   How to prepare for a hurricane: Learn how to prepare your equipment and stay safe.
4.   Hurricanes, before and after: Take action now to help protect equipment and property.

Power outages

5.   Preparing for electrical power interruptions: Pre-planning reduces business interruption risk.
6.   Maintaining emergency engine-generators: Recommendations for standby power systems.
7.   Electrical preventive maintenance: Recommended maintenance program.
8.   Guidelines for providing surge protection: Preparing for electrical power surges.

Cold weather and winter storms

9.   Cold weather and freeze alert: How to prepare equipment for harsh winter weather.
10. Winter storm freeze tips: Protecting equipment from freezing weather.

Data breaches, cyber attacks and identity theft

11. Protecting your small business from a data breach: 10 steps you should take now.
12. How hackers attack: How to help protect a business from an attack on data and systems.
13. Cyber security risks to small businesses: Simple ways to prepare for a cyber attack.
14. Ransomware: How to protect yourself from this new cyber threat.
15. 10 ways to prevent a data breach: Tips on how to stop cybercriminals.
16. 9 tips to identity theft prevention: Steps to reduce the risk of your information being stolen.

Other emergencies

17. HSB PREPARE Program: Pre-emergency planning and recovery.
18. Is your small business ready for an emergency?: How to make a pre-emergency plan.
19. HSB Thermography Services: Help identify issues before they become disasters.
20. Loss of refrigeration: It could spoil your day.

Disasters take on many forms – from severe weather, to equipment failures, to even cyber attacks. Fortunately, these risks and subsequent losses can be minimized by planning ahead.

If you find these resources useful, please share them with your customers, colleagues, friends and family.


© 2015 The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. All rights reserved. This article is intended for information purposes only. All recommendations are general guidelines and are not intended to be exhaustive or complete, nor are they designed to replace information or instructions from the manufacturer of your equipment. Contact your equipment service representative or manufacturer with specific questions.

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