Smart tips for choosing smart door locks

Connected home technology makes it easier than ever to ditch your house key for a smart door lock. But with so many on the market to choose from, figuring your best choice is tough.

The best choice comes down to personal preference and your particular needs. Before choosing which lock to get, here are some things to consider.

With or without keys

There are two basic design considerations for smart door locks: Those that require you to physically have something on you; for example, keys, a fob or a smartphone.

Then there are those that simply rely on you knowing a code or using a fingerprint or eyeball scan. Going keyless has some advantages. Let’s say you go for a jog or walk, you can go hands-free and not worry if you leave home without your keys.


Smart door locks are designed to work with your existing connected home system, so make sure the lockset you choose is compatible with yours. Learn more about types of connected home systems here.


Generally speaking, you should look for a high-quality lockset. ANSI Grade 1 is the best. And if you’re selecting a keypad model, choose one with a durable surface – the oils from hands can wear down the lettering so that numbers are rubbed off easily.

Want more advice? In this video, I give a few recommendations on what to look for in a smart door lock system.


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