Help protect your information on Data Privacy Day with HSB’s 2019 suggestions

Data Privacy Day (DPD) is observed annually on January 28th. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to increase awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices among consumers, organizations and anyone who deals with private information.

Hartford Steam Boiler is proud to be a National Cyber Security Alliance Data Privacy Day Champion for the third year.

What better way to observe Data Privacy Day than by reviewing your privacy practices and adopting the tips below.

Privacy Tips:

Watch Out For Social Engineering

Social engineering refers to the tactics cybercriminals employ to help them penetrate computer networks and personal devices in order to steal money and credentials. Delete suspicious looking emails and confirm that attachments to emails are from a trusted source before you open them.

Make the Most of Antivirus Software

Install and set antivirus software to run and install updates automatically.

Install Updates!

Hackers exploit known vulnerabilities in systems. Install updates to your operating system, software and apps as soon as they come out to help protect them from hackers seeking to grab your data. Adjust settings to ensure that updates are installed automatically.

Review Your Credit Report

You can get a copy of your credit report for free from the three major credit bureaus (, and there are many online services that provide monitoring for free. Many credit card companies offer complimentary credit monitoring services – take a look at your most recent bill or sign into your account online to see if your card provider offers the service.

Find more information on Data Privacy Day and links for further information about how to protect your data by reading our 2018 blog here: Data Privacy Day is Jan 28: Here’s a quick refresher on protecting your data

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Monique Ferraro

Monique is counsel in Munich Re’s US Cyber Practice at HSB. Previously, she was principal at a digital forensics, e-discovery and information security consulting firm and owner of a law firm. Ms. Ferraro is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

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