The Value of an HSB Inspector

For over 150 years, the HSB Inspector has set the standard for quality boiler and machinery inspections within the insurance industry. The Inspection Services Division’s (ISD) primary focus is conducting a complete and thorough in-service inspection of insured boiler and pressure vessel equipment to verify compliance with applicable jurisdictional regulations and codes. These inspections help to promote the interests of the company in preventing avoidable losses, to assist with meeting the requirements of the jurisdiction, and to support the insured with their safe operation of the equipment in compliance with applicable standards.

What is the Jurisdictional Inspection Process?

After a boiler and pressure vessel has been installed and put into service, jurisdictional inspections are typically required by most state or local authorities on a periodic basis to verify that boilers and/or pressure vessels are being operated and maintained in accordance with recognized standards. These recognized standards have been developed by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (“National Board”), such as the National Board Inspection Code (“NBIC”), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (“ASME”), and the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (“BPVC”).

For example, many jurisdictions require an annual internal and external inspection of high-pressure boilers. These in-service inspections may involve a visual assessment of conditions with regard to materials, operating conditions, leaks, corrosion, water chemistry, controls, overpressure, and low water protection, as may be required by law. The inspector may, as applicable, also verify that adequate logs are maintained or observe the testing of applicable controls and safety devices during an operating inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will submit a written report to the jurisdiction either requiring corrective action or recommending issuance of an operating certificate.

How does HSB Inspections Services Deliver Value to Our Clients?

HSB leads the industry in jurisdictional inspection activity in the US. The team of almost 200 inspectors commissioned in over 70 jurisdictions provides prompt, high-quality inspection services to a variety of clients. The team also offers underwriting and loss control support to our clients through risk identification, loss mitigation and energy efficiency reporting through several available programs: HSB Loss Prevention Reports, OnSight© Surveys, Optimize Program, Focused Loss Prevention Surveys, Electrical Risk Management Surveys, and Certified Energy Audits.

These underwriting and loss control surveys and reports are collectively referred to as our “Risk Awareness” services with the HSB OnSight© Program at the forefront of value-add services. OnSight© has been customized into specialty surveys that include potential exposures to water intrusion, freeze damage, wind damage, electrical losses and several other specific client concerns which helps customers mitigate property risks before they become payable claims.

ISD supports its inspectors with modern technology to improve operational efficiency. ISD equips every full-time inspector with a tablet for mobile computing, which enables more efficient inspections, real-time database updates, and instant access to jurisdictional rules. A mobile app for HSB’s OnSight© Program exists to get a professional, completed reports to the client within hours. Sensors, IoT device integration, remote inspection tools, augmented and virtual reality devices, and 3-D printing is all providing more timely access to data, improved predictive analytics, and reducing customer downtime.

The Loss Control Inspectors provide quality jurisdictional inspections, identification, and reporting of potential property loss risks, and incorporation of technological advances into our existing processes. By delivering a consistently high-quality product in these four key areas, the HSB Loss Control Inspectors continue to demonstrate their value to ISD, HSB, and client companies. There is no doubt that technology and data analytics will continue to accelerate the evolution of the Inspector role and strengthen the relationship between HSB and clients.

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Scott Brodkorb

Scott Brodkorb is a VP for Inspection Services-Field Division.


  • This was a great article. I came to HSB with hopes of becoming an inspector. My wish had come true, and until making the switch to claims (back then it was part of engineering) I loved being an inspector. In 30 years although I was a field investigator and claim handler, the inspector in me never left. The inspectors are a group that make this company great. Although remote office now, I’ll always be an Inspector.

    • That’s a really nice comment Moe! Inspectors are usually the unsung heroes, but they do such a great job helping keep equipment (and lives) safe.

  • Our inspectors are our eyes in the field. They have a huge responsibility. They never know what they are going to face. In the big cities they have to deal with snakes that people use to keep the rat population down. When going to the basements they sometimes have to pass by drug deals. They have many exposures including doing internal inspections. You are my hero, I respect and thank you.

  • As an Inspector, now retired from HSB, I got the most satisfaction in helping people so they don’t crash or have any claims.
    Seen some bad ones but also seen some that could of been a lot worse. By talking with clients and persuading them to watch for potential
    Issues or claims. Even had employees hold back owner of company so he wouldn’t have a disaster. Thank You HSB.

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