Find Ways to Reduce Business Loss and Save Money with Complimentary HSB Services 

HSB not only provides equipment breakdown insurance and loss prevention services, but is also committed to helping its customers save money and resources by identifying equipment energy efficiency opportunities.  

HSB Efficiency First™ is an online portal that is designed to be a “one-stop shop” for small to mid-sized businesses, linking directly to equipment operation, maintenance, and energy efficiency support from HSB Engineering. Through the portal, clients can search for specific energy efficiency opportunities, practical recommendations to achieve savings, and resources to assist with operation and maintenance of equipment. Plus, it’s a complimentary service offered as part of the business insurance program. 

What can you find in the portal? 

Equipment Efficiency Calculators 

Assess equipment and operating conditions to plan and prioritize efficiency improvements and calculate savings. Start by looking for ways to save on utilities with our equipment efficiency calculators.  

Calculate Equipment Efficiency Here  

Electrical SelfAssessment 

Reduce Losses. This quick survey will identify potential electrical exposures so you can avoid millions in damages and lost business.  

Access the Electrical Self Assessment Here 

PREPARE PreEmergency Planning 

Plan for Emergencies. Use these tools for emergency planning to be ready before disasters like electrical outages or equipment disruptions strike. 

Find the PREPARE Plan Here  

Equipment Care 

Care for Your Equipment. Learn the steps to maintaining your equipment for maximum efficiency and equipment life.  

Learn Equipment Care Here 

Logs & Checklists 

Get Equipment Logs and Checklists. Print them out for easy reference and stay on top of your equipment records.  

Access Logs and Checklists Here 

Weather & Disaster Preparedness 

Access Weather and Crises Plans. Recover from disaster faster with these plans for weather and disaster preparedness.  

Prepare for Disasters Here  

By using these HSB programs, you will find practical strategies to reduce energy costs and keep operations running by lowering the risk of equipment failure. These calculators and checklists can also assist businesses in ensuring that key equipment runs at “optimal” conditions and ultimately, help to extend the life of the machinery.  

For more information on HSB Efficiency First™, click here:(  

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